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Last Updated on Wed 29 January 2020 at 14:20 EET

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 Current Conditions
Temperature 16.6°C / 61.8°F
Feels like 14.8°C / 58.6°F
Dewpoint 10.2°C
Humidity 66%
Barometer 1010.4 hPa
Barometer Trend (3 hours) -1.1 hPa
Wind 9 km/h from SSW
Last Rain Yesterday at 06:15
UV Index (see below) 0.8 - Low
Solar Radiation 274 W/m²


High Temperature
Low Temperature
16.7°C at 12:23
8.9°C at 00:00
High "Feels Like"
Low "Feels Like"
16.0°C at 14:17
6.1°C at 00:11
High Humidity
Low Humidity
81% at 03:00
59% at 12:11
High Dewpoint
Low Dewpoint
10.8°C at 10:18
5.7°C at 00:00
High Barometer
Low Barometer
1014.2 hPa at 00:00
1010.2 hPa at 14:06
Today's Rain 0.0 mm
High Rain Rate N/A
High Wind 40 km/h from SW at 11:07
Average Wind 8 km/h
High UV Index 1.3 at 12:16
High Radiation 531 W/m² at 12:16
Hours of daylight06:55
Hours of sunshine03:00

Sunshine record (last 30 days)

Hours of Sunshine (Daily total)

 UV Index - stay safe in the sun.

A UV Index reading of 1 to 2 means low danger from the sun's UV rays for the average person.

It is still sensible to wear sunglasses, especially if driving and the sun is low.

If you burn easily, cover up, wear a wide brimmed hat and use broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Even if you tan easily, prolonged exposure can result in sunburn especially near reflective surfaces such as water, sand or snow.

About Molyvos Weather Station:
Latitude: 39° 22.13' N, Longitude: 26° 11.53' E
Altitude: 42 meters

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We are using a Vantage Pro2 weather station, controlled by WeeWX v3.8.0 software running on a Raspberry Pi.

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Today's Almanac
Sunrise: 07:25
Transit: 12:28
Sunset: 17:31
Equinox: 20 March at 05:49
Solstice: 21 June at 00:43
Rise: 10:02
Transit: 15:54
Set: 21:53
Next Full moon: 09 February at 09:33
Next New moon: 23 February at 17:31
Phase: Waxing crescent (19% full)
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